Portfolio Posts

I’ll be writing my stories and poetry in this section. Not all of them will be Christian stories.


In a time, long ago, every fortnight, Sunday, I steer myself to the Bon Accord Stalls. Watching the sunrise dripping its brilliant gold into the dam, tinting the water to a gilded hue. You know you are close when you smell the Bloekom and Acacia and you swiftly close that window before your nose catches…

Broken Promises

Trigger warning: Teenage death/Suicide By Juanita Samuels “Do you believe in rainbows? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t believe in the promise painted in the sky? I used to believe in rainbows too. It feels so long ago now…” 1 Year ago No, no, it’s not true! Those words kept refraining in my head. Dear…

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