Trumpet Warning for South Africa

Over this last weekend, I found myself in deep prayer to God, asking Him for guidance and for a word for my people (New Zealanders). I spent Saturday in prayer and fasting. I have to admit, that I found this fasting different, and harder on my body. But I persevered and this morning I receivedContinue reading “Trumpet Warning for South Africa”

Generational Curse? What Curse?

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I was told by many that it was a generational curse that was upon me. Letting me believe that the sins of my father and my father’s father, rested on me. My spirit rebelled against these words spoken over me. But where did this thought of generational cursesContinue reading “Generational Curse? What Curse?”

Saving Our Sons and Daughters

We will be studying Ezekiel 14 (King James Version) today, and I will only refer to the text verses throughout the piece. God speaks to Ezekiel, and we find that He is grieved by the sins of this world. God promises judgement in verse 13, declaring that He will “stretch out mine hand upon it,Continue reading “Saving Our Sons and Daughters”

The Vision of Strange Images

Part 2 Please read Part 1 before continuing: The Devil is in the Detail But ever tiny detail in this prophesy counts and reveals to us these creatures true purpose. Faces Ezekiel 1: 6-And every one had four faces, Ezekiel depicts these creatures as having four faces. Faces of 10- ‘of a man,’ ‘aContinue reading “The Vision of Strange Images”