Set apart.

God has chosen us! He has set us apart, declaring us the apple of His eye! Why then do we act as if He turned away from us? The world may believe that only science are the solution to our problems today. But only God can see the big picture. We don’t need healing on one level in our life but in every aspect of it. His plans for us, after all, are for good, not evil. When I got sick and lost my job I was in total despair. God took me and brought healing from within, creating a peace within me that cannot be described in words. He healed my family and made us stronger together, while also supporting us. My hope for us all is for God to bring this kind of healing for you and your family. #GodCanDoThis

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Published by juanitasamuels

I've recently graduated from Massey University with a BA in Creative Writing. I am a follower of Christ and wish to spread some hope in this world of ours. I live with my husband and two boys in Auckland, New Zealand.

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