In a time, long ago,

every fortnight, Sunday,

I steer myself to the Bon Accord Stalls.

Watching the sunrise dripping its brilliant gold into the dam,

tinting the water to a gilded hue.

You know you are close when you smell the

Bloekom and Acacia and you swiftly

close that window before your nose catches a cold.

I held in my breath, in excitement, and wondered,

Champagne, will you recognize me today?

All dressed up in my show shirt, dark chaps, and polished riding boots,

my eye catches our companions, bound to the wooden fence line.

White, black, chestnut, palomino, and spotted appaloosa

hanging heads low, with pasterns dangling relaxed,

and clouds forming on their breaths.

I bounced up and down and couldn’t wait for the car to stop, wondering:

Champagne, will you recognize me today?

As I raced to the stable yard, I could see her,

my favourite Cremello,

standing aside, near the den,

head held high and swishing tail.

My beautiful princess,

I call out to her.

Her head would whip up towards me with ears

perched, facing the front, nodding her head in greeting.

Every time I see her, I wonder,

Champagne, will you recognize me today?

I used to rub her neck and put my head upon her shoulder,

telling her of the adventures still to come.

I held an apple in front of her muzzle, watching her bite off

a piece, till it’s gone and what’s left is a tease on my hand.

I place the bit between her teeth, then slide

the headstall over to her poll. 

With daft hands, I fasten the throatlatch and noseband,

then throwing the reins to the rear.

Gliding the quilted saddle pad, and saddle across her back,

making sure the leathers and stirrup iron won’t rub.

I brush her main while whispering secrets into her ear,

all the while, I can’t help wondering,

Champagne, did you recognize me today?

With my helmet tightened on my head

we are ready for our new quest.

Tapping her flanks and we are off, forming 

a slow process to the other side.

What a lady she was, hating mud pools and wet streams while

letting out puffs of sneezes to let know her grumble.

 A sudden stop causes the ones who shadows our steps to stumble.

But I didn’t mind it at all, placing my arms around her neck,

for friends stand together, no matter their wrangles.

It’s hard to find a true friend that understands me like you,

so, will you recognize me if you saw me today?

All I have left is dreams of my ventures with you, with your bray

now haunting me each day.

Champagne, will you recognize me if you saw me today?

Published by juanitasamuels

I've recently graduated from Massey University with a BA in Creative Writing. I am a follower of Christ and wish to spread some hope in this world of ours. I live with my husband and two boys in Auckland, New Zealand.

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